Neurobiology Directory

The Neurobiology Directory includes the name, phone number, email address, room number and position title for Neurobiology's faculty, administration, lab affiliates and postdocs. It is regularly updated. 

Name/Position Lab/Location Contact Info

Devin Binder

Neurosurgeon - Chapman Medical Center

Robin Blazing

Research Tech II
Glickfeld Lab
457 Bryan Research

Carina Block

Graduate Student
Eroglu Lab
334 Nan
Kathleen Boate

Kathleen Boate

Operations Coordinator

Martin Bohlen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Diego Bohorquez

Assistant Professor in Medicine
Assistant Research Professor in Neurobiology
Assistant Professor-Track V in Pathology
Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
Bohorquez Lab

Kevin Bolding


McLean Bolton

Lead Scientist - Max Planck

Okechi Boms

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Dzirasa Lab
361 Bryan Research

Michael Booze

Lab Manager
Mooney Lab
309 Bryan Research

Devin Binder

Neurosurgeon - Chapman Medical Center