Neurobiology Directory

The Neurobiology Directory includes the name, phone number, email address, room number and position title for Neurobiology's faculty, administration, lab affiliates and postdocs. It is regularly updated. 

Name/Position Lab/Location Contact Info

Williams Bosking

Research Scientist - Max Planck

Samantha Bouchal

Undergraduate Researcher
Bohorquez Lab

Daniel Bowling

Postdoc - University of Vienna

Tyler Bradshaw

Graduate Student

Mary Rose Branch

Graduate Student

Federica Brecha

Research Tech II
Kay Lab
5016 AERI

Alyssa Brewer

Staff and Fiscal Assistant

William Broderick

Research Associate
Huettel Lab

Sam Brudner

Doctoral Student
Mooney Lab
309 Bryan Research

Nicolas Brunel

Professor of Neurobiology
Professor of Physics