Marty Woldorff

Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Professor in Neurobiology
Member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society
Affiliate of the Center for Brain Imaging and Analysis
Campus mail: B243b LSRC, Ctr. for Cog. Neuroscience, Durham, NC 27708-0999
Phone: (919) 681-0604
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Dr. Woldorff's main research interest is in the cognitive neuroscience of attention. At each and every moment of our lives, we are bombarded by a welter of sensory information coming at us from a myriad of directions and through our various sensory modalities -- much more than we can fully process. We must continuously select and extract the most important information from this welter of sensory inputs. How the human brain accomplishes this is one of the core challenges of modern cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Woldorff uses a combination of electrophysiological (ERP, MEG) and functional neuroimaging (fMRI) methods to study the time course, functional neuroanatomy, and mechanisms of attentional processes. This multimethodological approach is directed along several main lines of research: (1) The influence of attention on sensory and perceptual processing; (2) Cognitive and attentional control mechanisms; (3) The role of attention in multisensory environments; (4) The interactive relationship between attention and reward; and (5) The role of attention in perceptual awareness.

Education and Training

  • University of California - Berkeley, B.A. 1978
  • University of California - San Diego, Ph.D. 1989

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  • Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences