Rebecca Chung-Hui Yang

Associate Professor of Neurobiology
Office: 427E Bryan Research
Campus mail: Box 3209, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 684-1494
Email address:

Our lab is interested in understanding the neural basis of simple decision-making processes.  We use Drosophila egg-laying site selection as our model system.  To understand how the Drosophila brain assesses and ranks the values of egg-laying options, we use a combined approach that includes high-throughput optogenetics-based behavioral screen, automated (machine vision) behavioral tracking of single animals, molecular genetic tools to identify critical circuit components, and calcium imaging and anatomical tracing techniques to determine the physical and functional connectivity of identified circuit components.  

Education and Training

  • National Taiwan University (Taiwan), B.S. 1990
  • Stanford University, Ph.D. 2002

Associated Faculty Labs

Department Affiliation

  • Department of Neurobiology