Luping Yin

Phone: (919) 684-6091
Email address:

Education & Training

July 2016 - March 2017: Research assistant in Beijing Normal University, China (PI: Yousheng Shu).
Sept. 2011 - April 2016: Ph.D in Laboratory of Neural Network Function, Institute of Neuroscience, CAS, China (PI: Yousheng Shu).
Sept. 2007 - July 2011: Bachelor in College of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China.

Research interests

It is known that general anesthesia induces the loss-of-conscious brain state. I am interested in dissecting the critical circuits that mediate the effects of general anesthesia.

Associated labs, publications, & achievements


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Awards & Honors

  1. 2007-2011 Hong Kong Siyuan Financial Support
  2. 2011 Excellent thesis and graduate
  3. 2016 Di-Ao scholarship (grade 1) and Reward-Basic medicine scholarship (grade 1)
  4. 2017 Duke Neurobiology fall retreat program: best postdoctoral poster.