Field Lab

433 Bryan Research

Greg D. Field, PhD, PI

phone: 919-681-7503

lab phone: 919-681-8362



University of Puget Sound, B.S., Physics

University of Washington, Ph.D., Physiology and Biophysics

Postdoctoral Fellow, Salk Institute for Biological Studies


My laboratory studies how the retina processes visual scenes and transmits this information to the brain.  We use multi-electrode arrays to record the activity of hundreds of retina neurons simultaneously in conjunction with transgenic mouse lines and chemogenetics to manipulate neural circuit function. We are interested in three major areas. First, we work to understand how neurons in the retina are functionally connected. Second we are studying how light-adaptation and circadian rhythms alter visual processing in the retina. Finally, we are working to understand the mechanisms of retinal degenerative conditions and we are investigating potential treatments in animal models.