Grandl Publications

  1. Amanda Lewis and Jörg Grandl. Inactivation Kinetics and Mechanical Gating of Piezo1 Ion Channels Depend on Subdomains within the Cap, Cell Reports (2020).

  2. Jason Wu, Michael Young, Amanda H. Lewis, Ashley N. Martfeld, Breanna Kalmeta and Jörg Grandl. Inactivation of Mechanically Activated Piezo1 Ion Channels is Determined by the C-Terminal Extracellular Domain and the Inner Pore Helix, Cell Reports (2017).

  3. Amanda Lewis, Alisa Cui, Malcolm McDonald and Jörg Grandl. Transduction of repetitive mechanical stimuli by Piezo ion channels, Cell Reports (2017).
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  5. Amanda Lewis and Jörg Grandl. Mechanical sensitivity of Piezo1 ion channels can be tuned by cellular membrane tensioneLife (2015).

  6. Sairam Jabba, Raman Goyal, Jason Sosa-Pagan, Hans Moldenhauer, Jason Wu, Breanna Kalmeta, Michael Bandell, Ramon Latorre, Ardem Patapoutian and Jörg Grandl. Directionality of temperature-activation in mouse TRPA1 ion channel can be inverted by single-point mutations in ankyrin repeat six. Neuron (2014).

  7. Bertrand Coste, Bailong Xiao, Jose S. Santos, Ruhma Syeda, Jörg Grandl, Kathryn S. Spencer, Sung Eun Kim, Manuela Schmidt, Jayanti Mathur, Adrienne E. Dubin, Mauricio Montal and Ardem Patapoutian. Piezos are pore-forming subunits of mechanically activated channels. Nature, 483 (7388), 176-181 (2012).

  8. Jörg Grandl, Sung Eun Kim, Valerie Uzzell, Badry Bursulaya, Matt Petrus, Michael Bandell and Ardem Patapoutian. Temperature-induced opening of TRPV1 ion channel is stabilized by the pore domainNature Neuroscience, 13 (6), 708-14 (2010).

  9. Jörg Grandl, Hongzhen Hu, Michael Bandell, Badry Bursulaya, Manuela Schmidt, Matt Petrus and Ardem Patapoutian. Pore region of TRPV3 ion channel is specifically required for heat activationNature Neuroscience, 11 (9), 1007-13 (2008).

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