Mooney Projects

1R01-DC013826-01A1 (Mooney, PI)                                                                         
Motor Modulation of Auditory Processing
The goal of this project is to determine the circuit mechanisms by which motor-related signals influence auditory cortical processing.

5R01-DC002524-20 (Mooney, PI)                      
Sensorimotor Integration for Learned Behaviors
The overarching aim of this proposal is to use high resolution imaging methods combined with genetic and physiological methods to study how experience of a behavioral model and sensory feedback affect the properties of neural circuits essential to the learning and execution of complex, culturally transmitted motor sequences. *No Cost Extension

5R01-NS077986-03 (Wang, PI)                          
Pre-motor Neural Circuits for Exploratory Movement
This proposal uses newly developed monosynaptic rabies-virus-based trans-synaptic tracing methods
combined with electrophysiology and optogenetics to precisely identify and characterize the premotor neural
circuits that control exploratory “active touch” movements in mice.
Role: Co-Investigator
NSF Proposal 1354962 (Mooney, PI)                   
Neural Codes for Vocal Sequences
The goal of this project is to determine how auditory and motor representations of learned vocal sequences are encoded in a sensorimotor structure important to learned vocalizations in songbirds.


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