Song Research

The research in this lab is concerned with the advancement of fMRI data acquisition methods that includes the development of real-time imaging using echo-planar and spiral data acquisition with high-order shimming control, development of robust and reliable single-shot image acquisition methods and optimization of the acquisition methods for improved functional sensitivity and specificity.

Our lab is also focused on understanding the contrast mechanism of the functional MRI, which includes the source localization of the functional signal using the blood oxygenation level dependent contrast and development of alternative contrast mechanisms that are more directly linked to the neuronal activities.

Additional effort is invested in applying and validating the developed methods to study human motor sequence learning and language processing.



Gregory McCarthy, PhD 
Brain Imaging and Analysis Center
Martin McKeown, MD 
Brain Imaging and Analysis Center
Aysenil Belger, PhD 
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Marty Woldorff, PhD 
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Rick Segal, PhD 
Emory University