Contact/Join H. Yang Lab

Department of Biochemistry/Ion Channel Research Unit
Duke University School of Medicine

Lab:      919-681-0175
Office:  919-684-1406
Fax:      919-613-5145

Mailing Address:
Box 103030, DUMC
Durham, NC 27710

Physical Address:
2 Genome Ct,
MSRB2 Building, Room 2100E (Lab)
MSRB2 Building, Room 2017 (Office)
Durham, NC 27710


We’re always looking for talented, motivated scientists of any level to join us. 

Postdoctoral fellows

Please e-mail Huanghe at with your CV, a short description about your background, your major contributions and interest in our lab.

Graduate students

This lab is affiliated with several Duke graduate programs and may accept rotation at any time of year. Please contact Huanghe at to discuss a potential rotation. 


Please send an e-mail with a short note about your interest in our lab, your CV, and a transcript to Huanghe at


An opening to lab technician is currently available in the lab. Candidates please e-mail Huanghe at with your CV and a brief description of your background, experience and skills.