Discussing science with the POTUS

Friday, October 14, 2016

Kafui Dzirasa spoke on the Presidential Panel on Brain Science and Medical Information alongside President Barack Obama at the 2016 White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh on October 13. Other panelists included research scientist Riccardo Sabatini from Human Longevity, Inc. and patient advocate Zoe Keating. The plenary discussion  addressed the future of health care research in regards to precision medicine. 

"I fundamentally believe there is a 7-year-old sitting in a classroom somewhere [who will] transform things," Dzirasa said during the discussion. "I would love to see an America in which whether that 7-year-old kid is sitting in a school in Detroit or Baltimore or...in the Mississippi Delta, they they will also have the opportunity for their ideas to be nurtured."

View a clip from this session

The White House Frontiers conference brings together hundreds of scientists, researchers, innovators and business people to collaborate and plan for the future of technology and medicine.