Erich Jarvis Promoted to Professor of Neurobiology

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Duke Neurobiology congratulates our own Erich Jarvis, PhD, on his promotion to Professor of Neurobiology.

Dr. Jarvis' laboratory studies the neurobiology of vocal communication. Emphasis is placed on the molecular pathways involved in the perception and production of learned vocalizations. They use an integrative approach that combines behavioral, anatomical, electrophysiological and molecular biological techniques. The main animal model used is songbirds, one of the few vertebrate groups that evolved the ability to learn vocalizations. The overall goal of the research is to advance knowledge of the neural mechanisms for vocal learning and basic mechanisms of brain function.

The department faculty and staff held a celebration for Dr. Jarvis on February 18, 2016 to recognize his many achievements as a scientist, mentor, and innovator in his field and at Duke University.

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