Liedtke and Ji Win DTRI Pilot Award to Treat Chemotherapy-Induced Nerve Pain

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wolfgang Liedtke, MD, PhD, and Ru-Rong Ji, PhD, have just received a one-year, $100,000 pilot award from the Duke Translational Research Institute (DTRI). Liedkte and Ji will investigate a new treatment for chronic nerve pain caused by chemotherapy. Liedtke and Ji will investigate whether blocking the TRPV4 and TRPA1 ion channels on peripheral nerves can prevent chronic pain caused by taxol-type chemotherapeutic drugs often used to treat breast cancer, ovarian cancer,  and other malignancies.

Liedtke and Ji will target these ion channels by topically applying small molecules, which have previously been developed in Liedtke’s laboratory, in preclinical models of taxol-evoked painful neuropathy. This grant is supported by the NIH Clinical and Translational Research Award (CTSA).