Research Roundup: Dec. 2018

Thursday, January 10, 2019
By Jennifer Kornbluth

Here are summaries of a selection of the papers published by Duke Neurobiology in December 2018:

Neural cell biology:

Enhui Pan, Tina Zhao, and James McNamara found the signaling mechanisms that mediate plasticity of this synapse from hippocampal mossy fibers to interneurons in stratum lucidum. Read more

By deleting the largest coding exon 4 (Tet1Δe4) from the generation and analysis of a new line of Tet1 mutant mice, Alexandra Bey, Lara Duffney, and Yong‐hui Jiang discovered that Oxtr has an array of mRNA isoforms and a complex transcriptional regulation. The findings elucidate a mechanism mediated by TET1 protein in regulating Oxtr expression by preventing DNA hypermethylation of Oxtr. Read more

Samuel Hulbert and collaborators revealed that CHD8 is expressed highly in neurons and at low levels in glia cells in both humans and mice. This indicates an important role for CHD8 in dendritic and axon development and neuronal migration and thus offers novel insights to further dissect the underlying molecular and circuit mechanisms of ASD caused by CHD8 deficiency. Read more


Juliane Krueger and Anita Disney review the intersection between the cholinergic early visual systems in primates and potential cholinergic roles in the wake–sleep cycle, sensory gating, and visual attention. Read more