Research Roundup: July 2018

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
By Jennifer Kornbluth

Here are summaries of a selection of the papers published by Duke Neurobiology in July 2018:

Motor Learning:

Marc Sommer and collaborator found that supplementary eye field neurons convey signals for serial decision-making, including transient encoding of one decision at the time it is needed, suggesting that the region plays a role in continuity of cognition and behavior. Read more


Jennifer Groh’s lab found that a single neuron can encode information from two different sounds by switching between the signal associated with one sound and the signal associated with the other sound. Read more

New research from Ru-Rong Ji and colleagues show that GPR37, expressed by macrophages (MΦs) but not microglia, contributes to the resolution of inflammatory pain. Read more

Neural Cell Biology:

Cagla Eroglu, Chris Risher, and colleagues reveal the necessity of astrocyte-neuron signaling for synaptic development and dendritic spine maturation in the cortex. Read more

Warren Grill and collaborators present theoretical analyses and computational simulations to address the coupling of magnetically induced potentials to neuronal membranes and transverse field activation. The analysis provides a rigorous theoretical foundation and implementation methods to model neuronal response to magnetically induced electric fields. Read more


David Schneider and Richard Mooney review the neural circuits and mechanisms engaged in determining how movement modulates hearing. Read more

Chay Kuo and collaborator review the current evidence for neuronal activity-dependent control of neural stem cell and oligodendrocyte progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation in the postnatal brain, highlight some potential mechanisms used by the two progenitor populations, and discuss future studies that might advance these research areas further. Read more