Yiyang Gong selected as a 2016 Vallee Foundation Young Investigator Awardee

Friday, August 12, 2016

Associate professor Yiyang Gong has been selected as a 2016 Vallee Foundation Young Investigator Awardee. The award recognizes outstanding young scientists at a critical juncture in their careers. Gong will receive $250,000 in flexible, unrestricting funding to conduct basic biomedical research over a five-year period.

Gong is interested in understanding brain function using a combination of genetically encoded sensors and optical techniques. Using optical Brain Machine Interface to probe how visual sensory information is converted into motor output in the zebrafish brain and additional circuits in a variety of animal models, Gong hopes to establish the relationship between large-scale neural dynamics and complex animal behavior.

The Vallee Foundation was formed by Bert L. and N. Kuggie Vallee as their legacy to the advancement of medical science and medical education. The Foundation stimulates development of interdisciplinary sciences related to human health by promoting interaction between productive scientists worldwide.