Seminar Programs

Duke Neurobiology sponsors seminars at noon every Tuesday in the large auditorium of the Bryan Research Building.

Attendance frequently exceeds 100 and cookies and coffee are provided. Speakers are invited from outside Duke and are drawn from the most exceptional neurobiologists in the world. The seminar program is created by a committee of students, postdocs, and faculty. Students and postdocs are invited to lunch with the speaker after each seminar, and sometimes to group dinners. 

The seminar program guides the material for a student journal club that reads an upcoming speaker’s papers in advance and meets to discuss them the week before the seminar.

Our seminars fall into three groups: 

We run a “Student Seminar Series” that meets at noon on selected Wednesdays throughout the academic year. A second year student presents a paper from the recent literature for 30 minutes, each student presenting twice a year.  The presentation is followed by an animated discussion, pizza lunch, and then a closed session of the students with two faculty. Attendance is normally ~50, including many faculty, and the level of the presentations is high. Students rehearse their presentations carefully, after choosing a paper in consultation with the two faculty who run the seminar series. 

One could easily be a professional seminar attendee at Duke. There are many formal seminars throughout the University that are of interest to Neurobiologists, and of course many informal seminars sponsored by individual labs.