Developmental regulation of H3K27me3 drives synapse maturation and social behavior

January 13, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Urann Chan
NeuroLaunchpad presents

Urann Chan (Graduate Student - West Lab, Duke)  - “Developmental regulation of H3K27me3 drives synapse maturation and social behavior” (scroll down for abstract)


Gabriella Boulting (Postdoc - Greenberg Lab, Harvard)  - “Human neuronal activity-dependent gene regulation in development and disease”.

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The session will be moderated by Harrison Gabel (Faculty - WUSTL), and Hao Chen (Graduate Student - WUSTL). 

Developmental regulation of H3K27me3 drives synapse maturation and social behavior

Abstract: The development and maturation of neurons require temporal
induction of cell-specific gene expression programs. This is due in part
to mechanisms of chromatin regulation that make sure the right genes
are turned on and the wrong genes are turned off at any given time.
While chromatin mechanisms that regulate neuronal differentiation
early in development are well-characterized, the mechanisms in
maturing fate-committed neurons are much less understood. My talk
will highlight a novel role for KDM6B, the histone demethylase
responsible for catalyzing the repressive chromatin mark H3K27me3.