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All rooms are located in the Bryan Research Building. In general, we reserve Neurobiology conference rooms for activities in the Neurobiology Department and Neurobiology Graduate Training Program. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.  Each room is equipped with a ceiling projector or a smart board. Recurring meetings can be scheduled for up to one semester.

Reserve a room

Room Options:

  • Room 101: Seats 20-25; equipped with a smart board
  • Room 301: Seats 45-50 people; equipped with a ceiling projector. Can be set up as a lecture room/classroom/conference room. Neurobiology Graduate Training Program classes have priority in this room 
  • Room 401: Seats 15-20; equipped with a ceiling projector
  • Room 427: Seats 13; equipped with a ceiling projector

Reserve a Room

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