Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral TrainingNeurobiology is committed to providing postdoctoral fellows with outstanding mentors in a supportive and dynamic neuroscience research environment. Our 18 primary faculty members host approximately 25 postdoctoral fellows. 

Postdoc Community

We encourage postdocs to collaborate and socialize with other postdocs and research associate seniors both within and outside Neurobiology. We host weekly seminars, social events, and other learning opportunities to strengthen the Neurobiology research community. In addition, we encourage postdocs to participate in events outside Neurobiology, including with the Duke Office of Postdoctoral Services, which is a central resource for postdocs that serves as liaison between postdocs, faculty, administrators, and staff; and Duke University Postdoctoral Association (DUPA), which provides social activities and information for postdocs.


Interested in pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship in Neurobiology? See faculty and labs to research the interests of our faculty members. Then, contact individual faculty members with whom you would like to work. We especially encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds.