Professionalism and the Workplace Environment

Duke University is a community of scholars, learners and professionals who are committed to upholding the principles of integrity, fairness, respect and accountability.

In Neurobiology, we adhere to this commitment to provide a trustworthy, inclusive, respectful, supportive environment, so all our citizens can work, learn and thrive. We expect everyone to maintain a high standard of professional and personal behavior. We hold accountable all of our community members, including faculty, postdocs, students and professional staff. We recognize the established hierarchy in academia, and we commit to ensuring that this power structure does not harm our research nor impair our professional relationships. We emphasize responsible mentorship, and we have developed formal mentoring structures designed to follow through on that commitment. 

We encourage anyone who has concerns about the behavior of a Neurobiology community member to share those concerns directly with a trusted mentor or faculty member, the Neurobiology Department Chair (Stephen Lisberger), the Director of Graduate Studies (Jörg Grandl), the Director of Graduate Studies Assistant, the EDI Leader (Anita Disney), or the Business Manager (Samuel Kamau).

We take all reports seriously and prohibit retaliation against any person who share concerns, in good faith.


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