Blazing/Duarte Ortiz awarded Professional Development Grant

Congratulations to Robin Blazing (Franks Lab) and Fabiola Duarte Ortiz (Mooney Lab) for their successful grant application to the Graduate School!  The two students will continue to host a career seminar series featuring professionals with training in neuroscience/neurobiology who have successfully followed diverse career paths. Past speakers have included Catherine Hueston, a Duke Neurobiology alum employed at Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Ashley Juavinett, an Assistant Teaching Professor at UC San Diego and author of So You Want to be a Neuroscientist?

Looking forward to 2022, Robin and Fabiola plan to introduce workshops for developing soft skills and engage speakers on the topics of science communication, science policy, and  navigation of the academic job market. All neuroscience trainees are welcome to attend.