New Paper by Naumann Lab Details Their Novel Multi-Camera Array Microscope (MCAM)

­Complex biological systems typically include processes that span many levels of organization across spatial scales that vary by multiple orders of magnitude. For instance, processes such as schooling or shoaling in fish involve social interactions between multiple individuals across tens of centimeters, but also include coordinated eye movements, pectoral fin changes, and attendant fluctuations in neural activity at the micrometer scale. Currently, no single imaging system allows for unrestricted access to each scale simultaneously, which requires the ability to jointly observe a very large field of view (FOV) while maintaining a high spatial resolution. Hence, imaging systems typically make tradeoffs in their measurement process between FOV and resolution.

Enter Naumann lab's newly created scalable multi-camera array microscope (MCAM) that enables comprehensive high-resolution recording from multiple spatial scales simultaneously.

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