Research Roundup: October 2019

By Jennifer Kornbluth

Here are summaries of a selection of the papers published by Duke Neurobiology in October 2019:

Motor Learning:

Mikhail Lebedev and Miguel Nicolelis demonstrated an encoding strategy for texture representation using intracortical microstimulation (ICMS) pulses in somatosensory cortex where monkeys learned to interpret time-varying ICMS patterns and discriminated texture coarseness relying solely on these pulse trains. Read more

Neural Cell Biology:

The Wang lab used activity-dependent capturing method, CANE, to identify and functionally characterize a group of parabrachial neurons that regulate caloric-dependent satiety. Read more

The Kay lab found that the natural developmental cell death of astrocytes in the newborn retina does not occur by apoptosis but rather is mediated by microglia, which kill and engulf astrocytes to effect their developmental removal. Read more

Warren Grill and collaborators developed a multi-scale computational model that provides a novel method to explain mechanisms and inform parameter selection of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and other cortical stimulation modalities.  Read more