Lab Affiliates

Athy Robinson

Athy Robinson

Research Analyst II

Athy has expertise in varied research laboratory techniques and in lab management. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at East Carolina University and her Masters Degree in Marine Biology at UNC-Wilmington.

Brandon Swan

Research & Development Engineer

Brandon Swan completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering degree at Duke University in 2008, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in computational electrophysiology. Since then he has worked as an R&D Engineer and Clinical Research Coordinator at Duke University. He...

Katie Tschida, Ph.D.

Katie Tschida

Research Associate Senior


Tschida K, Bhandawat V. Activity in descending dopaminergic neurons represents but is not required for leg movements in the fruit fly Drosophila. Physiol Rep e12322 (2015).
Hamaguchi K*, Tschida KA*, Yoon I, Donald BR, Mooney R. Auditory synapses to song...