Velmeshev Lab

Bryan Research Building rooms 313, 316, 317, 319

Dmitry Velmeshev, PhD, PI

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Faculty Office: Bryan Research room 301E

Lab: Bryan Research rooms 313, 316, 317, 319

Office Phone: 660-8504


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The goal of the Velmeshev lab is to understand normal human brain development and neurodevelopmental diseases at the single cell level.​

We are particularly interested in gaining a holistic view of how genetic programs instruct neural progenitors give rise to the diverse cell types of the brain and guide formation of neuronal circuits, and how these processes are affected in brain disorders, such as autism.

The human brain contains billions of specialized neurons connected by trillions of synapses, as well as diverse types of glia. We approach studying this enormous complexity by combining single-cell genomics and spatial transcriptomic approaches with viral labelling of cell lineages and synapses. We apply these methods to human brain tissue samples, cerebral organoids and mouse models.


Selected Publications


Single-cell genomics identifies cell type–specific molecular changes in autism

Velmeshev D, Schirmer L, Jung D, Haeussler M, Perez Y, Mayer S, Bhaduri A, Goyal N, Rowitch DH, Kriegstein AR.

Science, 2019


Neuronal vulnerability and multilineage diversity in multiple sclerosis

Lucas Schirmer*, Dmitry Velmeshev*, ... Arnold R Kriegstein, David H Rowitch

* - co-first author

Nature, 2019


Neurotoxic microglia promote TDP-43 proteinopathy in progranulin deficiency

Jiasheng Zhang*, Dmitry Velmeshev*, Kei Hashimoto*, Yu-Hsin Huang*, ... Arnold R Kriegstein, Eric J Huang

* - co-first author

Nature, 2020 


Cell-Type-Specific Analysis of Molecular Pathology in Autism Identifies Common Genes and Pathways Affected Across Neocortical Regions

Dmitry Velmeshev, Marco Magistri, Emilia Maria Cristina Mazza, Patrick Lally, Nathalie Khoury, Evan Ross D’Elia, Silvio Bicciato, Mohammad Ali Faghihi

Molecular Neurobiology, 2020


Expression of non-protein-coding antisense RNAs in genomic regions related to autism spectrum disorders

Dmitry Velmeshev, Marco Magistri, Mohammad Ali Faghihi

Molecular Autism, 2013