Neurobiology Seminar Program

Neurobiology sponsors seminars on Tuesdays at noon in 103 Bryan Research. The Neurobiology Invited Seminar Series features both established and up-and-coming researchers and professors from around the world. This program is created by a committee of students, postdocs and faculty. The seminar program guides the materials for a student journal club that reads the upcoming speaker’s papers in advance and meets to discuss the week before the seminar. After the seminar, students and postdocs are invited to have lunch with the speaker.

Upcoming Seminars

Richard Kramer
Neurobiology Invited Seminar
May 15, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Nerve cells communicate using electrical and chemical signals. Ion channels are the proteins that generate electrical signals in neurons, and synaptic transmission is the process that allows a neuron to communicate chemically with other cells. Our studies utilize novel chemical reagents to modify the function of ion channels and synapses. This Chemical-Biological approach is designed to allow non-invasive optical sensing and optical manipulation of channels and synapses in the nervous system. One major goal of this research is to develop the technology for restoring vision in degenerative...
Fred Rieke
Neurobiology Invited Seminar
May 22, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Our research focuses on sensory signal processing, particularly in cases where sensory systems perform at or near the limits imposed by physics. Photon counting in the visual system is a beautiful example. At its peak sensitivity, the performance of the visual system is limited more by the division of light into discrete photons than by biological noise or inefficiencies. This observation guides our investigation of the underlying mechanisms.