Admin Staff

Kathleen Boaté

Operations Coordinator
(919) 681-6425

Kathleen manages the operations and renovations of the Department's building and space. She changed careers after eight years as an Executive Director of Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities. She is a NC Licensed Assisted Living Administrator and a Qualified Dementia Care Specialist. She...

muriel canup headshot

Muriel Canup

HR Departmental Manager I

Muriel is responsible for the day-to-day management of personnel activities for the department in addition to payroll and recruitment. Before coming to Neurobiology, she worked at Duke for over four years in the Human Resources Information Center.  Prior to Duke, she worked as a staffing...

daly headshot

Rhonda Daly

Senior Business Manager

Rhonda manages the operations of Neurobiology, including finances, personnel, facilities, grants, human resources, and general administration. Before her role in Neurobiology she worked as a financial analyst at the Duke School of Medicine Finance and Resource Planning office. Prior to joining...

david gaines headshot

David Gaines

Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies

David coordinates the admissions process, assists students and faculty with course management and serves as a liaison between the graduate school and students. Before joining Neurobiology, he worked for five years with Duke’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) as an academic programs...

Terry Jones

Terry Jones

Grants and Contracts Administrator
(919) 684-2175

Terry manages pre-award and post-award portfolios for Neurobiology. When she started at Duke in 1994, she managed pre-award and post-award portfolios for all Neurobiology faculty for almost 7 years.  Thereafter, she became the business manager for the Center for Neuroengineering (a small center...

Jennifer Kornbluth

Jennifer Kornbluth

Grants and Contracts Administrator
(919) 681-6901

Jennifer manages the pre-award and post-award portfolios for Neurobiology, along with the administration of the Viral Vector Core. She worked as an Environmental Scientist, providing outreach and regulatory support to the EPA for 13 years before coming to Neurobiology.

Dierdre Shipman headshot

Dierdre Shipman

Program and Communications Coordinator

Dierdre coordinates the Neurobiology seminar program, including the Broad seminars. She also manages the website and other communications needs for the department.  Prior to coming to Neurobiology, she served for four years as Director of Theater for Duke’s Theater Studies department. She...

Jenise Taylor

Jenise Taylor

Staff and Fiscal Assistant
(919) 684-0242

Jenise manages travel and expense reports, line item reports, deposits, and Buy@Duke. Prior to joining Neurobiology, she worked as an accounting specialist for University Development. She is a graduate of Shaw University and has a Master’s Degree in Business...